I am trying to give permissions to an app I downloaded to access the "Documents" folder in my Mac. I go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy, unlock by typing my password... and the "+" button is still greyed out (see screenshot). Why would that be?

This is all on macOS 12.6.3. Yes, my account is an admin. account.

enter image description here

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    Is SIP on or off?
    – Tetsujin
    Apr 30, 2023 at 15:32
  • It's on. I can't believe. Do I have to disable it every time I want to do this? I'm already providing my password to admin the machine!
    – PaulJ
    Apr 30, 2023 at 15:40
  • No. It needs to be on. You just found one of those things that, though I have no clue as to why, will not work if it's off.
    – Tetsujin
    Apr 30, 2023 at 15:41
  • So it's not because it's enabled? I don't need to disable SIP to give access to the folder?
    – PaulJ
    Apr 30, 2023 at 15:44
  • No, you do not need to disable SIP in order to give access to a folder. That would defeat the whole purpose of the thing, and be very non-user friendly.
    – jksoegaard
    Apr 30, 2023 at 16:08

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The application has to request access. From the help text:

Allow apps to access files and folders in different locations on this Mac. The listed apps have requested access.

  • The problem is that my app doesn't request access. When it tried to create a file there, it just says "Can't create project in this folder". i'll check whether the developers took the newer Macs into account and whether there is a new version
    – PaulJ
    Apr 30, 2023 at 17:31
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    Also, and this is more of a UI design thing: if it's the app that has to request access, then it doesn't make much sense to put those "+" "-" buttons there, right? Kinda misleading for the user...
    – PaulJ
    Apr 30, 2023 at 17:39
  • I couldn't say. I don't know what an application does that counts as a "request". Apr 30, 2023 at 19:23

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