I'm clearing off space from my 256GB internal hard disk using DaisyDisk. I've come across a 3GB hidden folder called ".stack" in my home directory. I can't remember whether I ever had an application called "stack" -- a short Google search only came up with Apple's Stacks.

Is this a MacOS or system folder which I should leave alone, or is it fine to delete it? If there's any doubt, I'll leave it be, but otherwise 3GB is space I could use. This is the content of the folder -- it seems to be a few years old.

enter image description here

(For what it's worth, I'm running 10.14.6).

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~/.stack is created by the Haskell Tool Stack (https://haskellstack.org).

As it is a folder in your home directory, it is safe for the system to remove, but the software will be reset to its initial state. You may wish to uninstall the software too.


Anything in your HOME directory is not a system file; by definition, it’s a user file. It’s located in the /Users/username directory.

Is it safe to delete?

  • From a system perspective, yes. Deleting it will not affect your system whatsoever.

  • From an application perspective, yes. Deleting it will not “break” the application that uses it.

  • From the perspective of your configuration/settings of the application, you run the risk of losing your saved settings, but they can always be recreated.

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