We have a pod of 30 MacBooks and MacBook Pros that don't get used over the holidays.

What's best practice to store the laptops for 6 weeks? I know that when you store laptops for long periods at half charge, unplugged in a cool place is a good idea, but in practice I've just put them plugged-in in the storeroom! Could anyone share their best practice methods when storing these sort of devices?


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That's what I think Apple suggests when you need to store you MacBook for longer periods:

  • discharge your battery to 50% and keep the laptop in a cool place
  • if you plan to not use the computer for more than 5 months take the battery off the laptop
  • you will probably need to charge the battery every 6 months to better preserve it.

Power it down and make sure it's somewhere where there is no chance of it getting wet.

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