Basically, I'm looking for Lightroom for iPad :) but until then, I'm trying to find an alternative.

To organize and tag pictures I'll be using Photosmith which integrates with Lightroom.

Now, I need an app to do basic editing of pictures (cropping, exposure, saturation). But I need an app will do this in a non-destructive way and that will make the edits available as XMP so that later, I can just copy the XMP as sidecar files and load them in Lightroom (or better, it could load them via a lightroom plug-in the same way Photosmith works).

PS: I posted the same question on photo.stackexchange.com, see here.


Have you tried Adobe Revel?

Basically you can edit photos on your iPad, store them on your computer and the edit them there as well.

It's a subscription service with many of the features of Lightroom.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. However, it seems like Revel is more of an alternative to Lightroom then a way to extend it on a mobile device. Integration with my actual Lightroom library is required. Also, Revel does not support RAW files and there's no software for Windows.
    – Sly
    Mar 25 '12 at 23:19

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