IBM SPSS Statistics crashes immediately after opening the application. The error message in the Apple Crash Report is "stats quit unexpectedly".

I followed the advices here and here, but nothing works.

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After several attempts, the solution I found was to run SPSS with sudo from the terminal:

sudo -b "/Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/SPSS Statistics.app/Contents/MacOS/stats" 

To facilitate the execution of SPSS in this condition, it is convenient to create a shell script that can be executed by double-clicking on it in Finder (a .command file). To create the script in your Desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd ~/Desktop
  3. echo 'sudo -b "/Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/SPSS Statistics.app/Contents/MacOS/stats"' > SPSS.command
  4. chmod a+x SPSS.command

Now you can double-click the file SPSS.command, enter your password and SPSS will open.

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