Years ago, AirPrint worked in my house on my current printer. It's an HP Photosmart Premium and it absolutely does support AirPrint.

Then a year or two ago, I installed DD-WRT on my Linksys WRT160N router. I installed it so I could add a guest wireless network, but I probably shouldn't have, because the technical specifics of networking that I see everywhere on the DD-WRT site and forums are mostly over my head.

Soon thereafter, I noticed that AirPrint didn't work anymore. I searched and searched for things I could try to fix it, but what few answers I found either didn't work or assumed too high a level of networking knowledge.

I've had other faulty or missing behavior with some other Bonjour-related services like Screen Sharing, too, and I'm about to the point of just shelling out for an Airport Extreme. But before I do that, I ask you wonderful people: Is there anything I can try that doesn't require me to get a degree in networking to understand?

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If all else fails, you can always use the AirPrint Activator (an app for your Mac) that allows you to use any shared printer via AirPrint. If you can get the printer to be available over your network, you’ll still be able to use AirPrint this way.


If you have your Wireless Access Point (WAP) configured as a router, and your AirPrint printer is connected to Ethernet, then your wireless AirPrint client and the printer are on different IP subnets. Link-local broadcast discovery protocols typically do not work through routers. That may be your problem, which can be fixed by configuring the WAP as a bridge.

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