Since quite a long time now, there have been icons representative to the website, favicons, next the the webpage title in the tabs, in Safari.

enter image description here

I am looking for a way to disable this feature, I have prospected in Settings but haven't found the magic option (if there's one) and it doesn't give any clue on the Internet.

I have tried changing tab style (compact or separate) but it doesn't make a difference except that I find separate tab style horrible-looking.

My question is therefore : Is it possible to remove the favicons in tabs bar in Safari, if so, how?

Note : I am using iPadOS 16.2 with iPad 6th gen. I am not bothered by this on iPhone because it's less visible but it really annoys me on iPad.

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    They are called Favicons and at one time they could be disabled, but I don’t believe it possible in iOS 15+.
    – Allan
    Mar 24 at 20:08


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