I've had this problem since I first bought the Macbook, and I'm still having this problem after messing around with certain settings.

I'm running macOS 12.5 (Monterey), a 14-inch 2021 model, with the Apple M1 Pro chip:

About this Mac

I have a wide AOC monitor, connected to my laptop via HDMI:

MacBook Displays

I disabled the power management options that would turn the display off – I set it to never. I also tried setting it to never, even when the macbook is unplugged and plugged. Whenever I connect my laptop to the monitor and close the lid, the laptop locks and the monitor provides a "No signal" message.

I also wiggle the mouse, and press keys on the keyboard in an attempt to wake the device, yet nothing seems to work.

  • Is the Mac plugged in to mains power?
    – Allan
    Mar 17 at 16:03
  • Yes, I always have it connected to power.
    – Viraj Shah
    Mar 17 at 16:23
  • If you have a BT mouse/keyboard connected, try using a (cheap) wired mouse/keyboard. Those peripherals may be going to sleep and disconnecting. To use closed clamshell mode, the Mac must see the mouse and keyboard connected.
    – Allan
    Mar 17 at 16:28
  • @Allan thank you. I don't have a wired mouse (threw my old one out when I got the new MB pro with the magic mouse/keyboard). I'll buy a new one and let you know if that helps
    – Viraj Shah
    Mar 17 at 17:09
  • 1
    Don”t spend too much, but it”s always good to have a wired backup in a drawer or shelf somewhere in case things go sideways - like the cat spills wine on the (builtin) keyboard making it unusable. (Not me personally, but I got the late night call)
    – Allan
    Mar 17 at 17:31


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