I found out that I can't control the volume of speakers connected to my monitor via HDMI using volume controls in the OS. There are countless questions about this issue, the most upvoted one being How do I control Macbook volume when a DP display is connected?.

However there are some USB C hubs for sale that include a 3.5mm audio port. I was thinking that if I buy one of these I would be able to control the volume of speakers through the OS. However in one of the reviews for one of the hubs (this one), someone mentioned that they were unable to control the volume using the OS. So does this mean all USB C hubs also have this issue? I could only find discussions concerning HDMI or DisplayPort.

The reason for all of this is I want to easily control my volume using my keyboard and I also want to limit the number of cables I have connected to my MacBook as much as possible.

P.S. I know there are software solutions. I need to avoid a software solution and just need a firm "yes" or "no, because etc.."

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According to the Amazon listing, the 3.5mm port is an In/Out AUX port; you should be able to control volume with this port.

enter image description here

The difference between this device and HDMI/DisplayPort connections is that since it has an “in” port, it must be a USB audio device and is not using the video signals to embed audio. Since it is a discrete audio device, you will be able to control the volume.

Granted, this is based off the item description so, the standard disclaimer applies: YMMV.

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