OS X used to auto-switch sound output to Bluetooth when connected. MacOS 12.6.1 no longer does this (on a MacBook Air M2). Does anyone know how to get the operating system to do this automatically?

Others have suggested using custom scripts or 3rd-party software. I'm seeking a solution built into the operating system, if it exists.

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Nope. No such mechanism exists in macOS, much as we'd like it too. I've never seen this as an option in the past few versions of macOS. You might want to submit Feedback to Apple and make a request to have this option in a future version macOS. I've submitted this request (and many others) in the past.

There are scripts which will do this, but I've not investigated myself. After all, it's only a few mouse movements and clicks to connect a Bluetooth device. I do it automatically now without really thinking about it.


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