I went through an unintended restore of an iPhone and lost a tweak I know exist.

What it did was basically enhancing the original functions of the “Portrait Orientation Lock” control center button for iPhones, and added the function to also lock in landscape. (This is something iPads are supposed to be able to do, but iPhones normally aren’t.)

Very simple jailbreak tweak, and worked better than any other predictive work around sto achieve the same.

It worked on iOS 14.3, but may have been developed earlier, and never officially tested for this version of iOS. Therefore, any tweaks that do this marked for earlier versions of the OS would be welcome.

UPDATE: The tags included iPhone, but added some language to explicitly include it in the text of the question, too.

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    It’s called Orientation Lock. Funny thing is, I just checked my devices (Control Center Settings) and that control is gone!
    – Allan
    Mar 10 at 20:39

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This is strange, it used to be in Control center but is no longer (iOS 16.3.1) on my iPhone.

I did find a page that showed you how to turn that on and off but it is under Accessibility and requires you to use the back tap feature:

Settings > Accessibility > Physical and Motor > Touch > Back Tap > [select] Double Tap or Triple Tap > Lock Rotation

Found it on MacRumors

  • The question relates to iPhones where it only was possible with jailbreak tweaks. Mar 11 at 0:11
  • (At least locking in landscape) Mar 11 at 1:59
  • If I understand you correctly, I used to have orientation lock in my control center and I have never jailbroken my phone. Also a number of tutorials I found show it as available easily as an option for control center. So no jailbreak required. Mar 11 at 14:54
  • I have very serious doubts about the accuracy of that claim. Maybe if you used the accessibility features or potentially on the Max size iPhones. The mini, SE, Pro and numbered-only series, to my knowledge, did not have this ability. On these phones, it was not call orientation lock, but “Portrait Orientation Lock”. It did, indeed, exist on many if not all iPad’s, however. Mar 11 at 15:45
  • I invite you to have a look at this Apple KB article, which still seems to be up even though orientation lock is nowhere to be found in control center any more: support.apple.com/guide/iphone/… Mar 11 at 16:41

One of the (better!) tweaks that do this I found is NoForcePortraitLock which, unlike a greatly similar tweak, also allows the orientation to lock on landscape with the notch on the left and not just the right. (A similar tweak interferes with the control center in a way that you can’t pull it down oriented with the notch to the left instead of the right)

This tweak is also compatible with FloatingDockPlus 13/14, Gyration and Pivot, and I can confirm that it runs from iOS 5 up to iOS 14.3 instead of the official compatibility only confirming iOS 13.x.x.

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