I have a 2007 iMac and was recently formatted to give to a friend. It was working perfectly before this and always updated as far as it could go. When formatted I installed snow leopard. When opening Safari I realized it would not open ANY website. It brought me to the site but wouldn’t open giving me the above error message. I have deleted cache, reset, rebooted, re-installed. I have deleted history and there were no extensions. The older version doesn’t have a “Privacy” tab but has security. I have done just about everything suggested but to no avail. I am usually pretty good at figuring out but this has stumped me. Any suggestions. I have updated and can go no further. I bought a copy of ElCapitan (coming in the mail) in the hopes it will solve my problems but I do need help. My server is strong and dependable…wifi and ethernet are connected

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    Your browser is woefully out of date and no longer supports the security required by modern web servers. You either have to get a browser that runs on SL or a newer OS. El Cap might work, but it too is obsolete and no longer getting security updated.
    – Allan
    Commented Feb 23, 2023 at 23:49


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