I have owned AirPods, AirPods 2 and recently AirPods Pro 2. The battery life on the cases on the original AirPods and AirPods 2 usually lasts far longer than a week, in fact I haven't used my AirPods 2 much since I bought the Pro 2's and they have been sitting on my desk for weeks. I just checked the case battery level and it's about 28%.

The Pro 2's however seems to be a different situation altogether. I find that I have to constantly charge the case.

So, I measured the drain and (by chance) I didn't use the AirPods during the duration of the test (except for 15 mins once.)

The case went from 100% to 0% in four days.

Is this normal? Am I just spoiled by the insane battery life of the older models' cases?


Battery Drain chart

  • What’s the age of the AirPods Pro 2?
    – Allan
    Feb 22 at 14:25
  • Five months old.
    – Diggory
    Feb 22 at 17:52

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I got a suggestion from somewhere else and it worked.

Apparently this is a firmware issue and can be resolved by resetting the AirPods


I can confirm that this worked for me.

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