First time I see these two options - which should I use?

enter image description here

This is a 2017 MacbookPro 13" with Intel i5, model A1708, right after I erased "Macintosh HD" using Disk Utility and reset its NVRAM.

How come there are two options and what is this Update option?!


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Learning from this question, it seems I didn't fully erase the the hard drive. The proper steps are:

  1. Enter recovery mode
    Shut down, long press power to boot, immediately hold cmd+R until you see the apple again
  2. Fully erase the drive and create partition
    Using Disk Utility, erase the root of the tree. Be sure to name the new partition Macintosh HD, choose Journaled and GUID Partition Map

    enter image description here
    (Note: Change Untitled to Macintosh HD)
  3. Install macOS
    If you go back and choose reinstall macOS you should now have a single drive named Macintosh HD to choose from

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