I would like to know what IP-address my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad has. E.g. if I use my iPhone, iPod touch or iPad over WiFi, how can I get the local IP-address that is assigned to my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?


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The IP address is shown in Settings -> WiFi -> Info icon at end of (Name of network):

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    As a subtle point to nohillside's answer, the English (US) localization uses Settings > WiFi, then tap the little, blue, encircled 'i' on the right edge after the current network name. Cheers!
    – KJG
    Feb 11, 2023 at 1:16

There are two potential solutions to getting your IP: a Shortcut and An App.


I created a simple shortcut called Get IP Addresses. It was tested on iPad running iPadOS 16 and iPhone 12 running 16.1.2. It will output both your Local and External IP addresses.

Get IP Addresses Screen Grab

System Status App

There is a simple App (free) called System Status.

It gives a full view of your hardware from battery to CPU and of course, network. What I like is that all the info is right there on the main screen including private (internal) IP, external IP, gateway, DNS and SSID. Here’s a sample screen grab (redacted my external IP).

System Status screen capture

Since I am always diagnosing someone’s network, this app give me a single tap access to the info I’m looking for.


Or from your Mac you could try to list all devices in your local network with a little tool, for example https://angryip.org which is free & OpenSource.

Next to each IP Adresses there is the associated host name device (for example "iPhone of Elon Musk")

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