I can’t login to my Mac. It gives me the login screen but doesn’t accept my email and password. Also, it’s not using my account nor logging in automatically with my Apple Watch. What can I do? It looks like my account was deleted. Command S Command V don’t work at all for some reason.

How can I log in to my Mac?

  • Normally, you don’t use an email address for a username login. Did you use your name or some other variant like first initial last name?
    – Allan
    Feb 9 at 15:31
  • Yes, I’ve tried every form of login I have ever used on Mac to be honest. It’s also reverted to the old factory shipped colours. I had It customised with my picture en background. That’s all gone now. It’s the generic screen now. Really weird.
    – K.I.A
    Feb 9 at 15:35
  • Ooh and pressing ⬆️ doesn’t show anything. Normally you would see other users but it doesn’t.
    – K.I.A
    Feb 9 at 15:43
  • Not sure why this got down voted. Did you buy this Mac new or used? Did you make Time Machine backups?
    – Allan
    Feb 9 at 15:44
  • It’s bought new, almost a year old now thou. And yes I have backups. I can’t see if I’m downvoted or not(I think). I just need to use my Mac, could use the help. Thanks!
    – K.I.A
    Feb 9 at 15:47

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If you forget your username, you can try your full name, first and last. Also try with the middle initial or middle name fully spelled out, if applicable.

This is what worked for me.

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