Is there some kind of script or automation I can run that gives me the possibility for certain apps to open at login but only on certain days? For instance I want to be able to open Mail, Slack, Notion and Zoom automatically on weekdays but not on weekends. It's not a major issue but it would be nice. Thanks!

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There are a couple of ways to approach this, but they require removing the items from Login items and kicking them off a different way. Here are your options:


Paste this following AppleScript code into a new Script Editor.app document and run the code to test that works then save it as an .app.

Then just go to System Preferences and add your new .app to the Login Items.

property theWeekdays : {"Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday"}
property theApps : {"Mail", "Slack", "Notion", "Zoom"}

set currentWeekday to weekday of (get current date) as text

if currentWeekday is in theWeekdays then
    repeat with thisApp in theApps
            tell application thisApp to activate
        end try
        delay 10
    end repeat
end if

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