I have some SVG files, sketch drawings of a room. I've used real units in them as I want them to server as a reference. The SVG dimensions are something like 300 in by 200 in. QuickLook shows me a preview with tiny scroll bars, with the image at full scale. Is there a way to have Quicklook show a scaled-to-screen size version, by default?

In browser, I've been able to apply an overriding CSS style, width & height 100%. Can I apply CSS to Quicklook previews?

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It turns out qlmanage supports pre- or batch rendering thumbnails. You can specify output pixel dimension with -s [num].

Verbosely named:

qlmanage -t -o thumbnails -s 1000 drawing.svg

Put thumbnail in current directory, as [src].png, here drawing.svg.png:

qlmanage -t -o . -s 1000 drawing.svg

To view, use qlmanage -p [file].

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