Specific configuration:

  • iPad Pro 10.5" (2017)
  • Anker Nano II 65W charger adapter
  • MTAKYI MFI-certified USB-C-to-Lightning Cable


  • No. The adapter will only deliver the wattage an iPad accepts. So if this is a very old school iPad that came with a 12W adapter, then the adapter will only ever deliver 12W if power. Nothing special has to be done and there are no risks. In this case, the iPad Pro 10.5" (2017) came with an Apple 18W power adapter. So the Anker Nano II will just deliver the 18W at least. In many cases, devices might “fast charge” if the AC adapter supports it. Like deliver 24W or more to fast charge the iPad. So it ends up being better that way. Jan 28 at 23:11

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No, there's no issue there. The iPad will never draw more power from the charger than what it can handle.

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