Similar topic was reported earlier for previous MacOS versions in 2020. However it is 2023 and the issue is still present and hasn't been fixed for over 3 years!? Beginning to think this could be intentional.

MBP 2015, OS: Monterey 12.6 is waking up by itself in the middle of the night and starts running hot, killing hardware. More than once I found the battery completely drained for no apparent reason. All that is happening without users authorization or interaction. No bluetooth devices connected or nearby before computer was put to sleep.

The only way to temporarily stop the behavior is by turning the bluetoothd process off. However if you ever forget that bluetooth was left on before activating sleep all this nonsense will happen again without users interaction with the machine. No user initiated scripts or any scheduled automations were enabled. None of the previously connected bluetooth devices are nearby or active.

This is more than odd.

Or perhaps something nefarious is happening and our hardware is being used without users consent to run Apple distributed Find-My network through our bluetooth devices and there's no way to stop it? Smells like the next #class-action. Coincidentally this behavior started appearing after Apple public announcement of find-my-network development at the same time.

All prior suggestions were also tried and none of them helped: nothing is specified in Security&Privacy>Bluetooth>

Any other suggestions or solutions?

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