I am stuck with WiFi-connection problem after a Ventura update. I am using an external monitor LG 34GN850-B.AED, connected using DisplayPort.

With previous ISO everything worked pretty well. Now, when I connect my MacBook Air 2022(M2 proc.) to my monitor, the WiFi drops. It does not turn off on its own, the connection is just unstable. It’s like the cable blocks WiFi signal. I want to point out, that when I use my Mac without the monitor - WiFi speed and bandwidth is perfect.

I wrapped my cable by metal foil. This helped, but of course looks pretty strange and not very safe. Is anyone familiar with this type of problem and know of a fix?

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  • It sounds like the cable you are using isn’t shielded. If it’s a basic generic cable, it’s the manufacturer didn’t use shielding to lower costs. Try getting a new cable from a reputable brand like Belkin, Cables2Go, or Anker. they are more expensive, but there is a reason for it.
    – Allan
    Jan 24 at 13:51
  • amazon.de/dp/… - I use this one. The problem is that I want to use 144 hz.
    – Morkovka
    Jan 24 at 14:03
  • They are no longer available. This is a red flag for me. Try this one: amazon.de/-/en/…
    – Allan
    Jan 24 at 14:07
  • So this cable now is very bad? Due to the update? My Monitor is ultra wide and 144 hz. Will it possible to use 144 hz with this cable?
    – Morkovka
    Jan 24 at 14:20
  • When a seeming good product is suddenly unavailable, it usually points to an shady seller. Ever since I started sticking with reputable brands, all the weird issues disappeared. If the cable was “updated” they could revise the listing. .
    – Allan
    Jan 24 at 14:24


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