The problem

I have an iPhone 8 with a busted touch-screen. Specifically, everything visible on the screen is upside down and moving/shaking, and not all parts of the screen are sensitive to physical touch. Using a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter, I can project the screen of my iPhone onto an external monitor just fine. But because the touch-screen is busted, I would like to use a mouse to scroll and click about. Is there a way to do this?

What I've tried

After verifying that the phone still "works" over HDMI, I got another adapter with an additional USB slot so that I can plug in my mouse. I would need a female USB-C to male USB-A adapter to try this approach; however, both Geek Squad and Apple techs tell me that this method will not work.

The Apple techs suggested buying a blue-tooth mouse for under $10 online, but Geek Squad tells me this method will not work unless I buy an Apple dongle and connect to an Apple TV (which I don't own).

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