I sent an email that I want to follow up on. "Remind Me" is only available in the inbox, not in sent items. How can I have mail remind me to follow up?

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Mail.app will remind you to follow up automatically (unless you opted out)!


Get reminded to follow up on emails with no response

If you send a message and don’t receive a response in 3 days, the sent email automatically resurfaces to the top of your inbox to help you remember to follow up.

  • To ignore a follow-up suggestion, swipe right on the message in the message list.
  • To turn this feature on or off, choose Mail > Settings, click General, then select or deselect the checkbox next to “Enable message follow up suggestions.”
  • I'm not sure this will work with auto-replies though (e.g. "case created" may be interpreted as "answered").
    – JBallin
    Jan 23, 2023 at 22:21

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