This key is basically useless unless you need overtype mode. In Windows Command Prompt, pressing it toggles overtype. But, in macOS Terminal, it doesn't even work. How do I get the insert key to toggle overtype in Terminal, and does it have any other use cases in macOS?

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It serves no purpose whatsoever and is not even present on Apple keyboards. macOS does not have an 'insert' mode.

It registers as Keycode 114 & is titled 'Help', but it has no default function on macOS.

Characters: 
Unicode:    63302 / 0xf746
Keys:       Help
Key Code:   114 / 0x72
Modifiers:  8388864 / 0x800100 

According to Overtype mode in Terminal.app you can switch to Vim keybindings, which will then enable an insert mode, though I've never tried this.

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