After uploading a video from iPhone Photos to OneDrive I noticed the vibrancy of the video had substantially changed (e.g. greens were substantially less green, blues less blue). While I would expect a change when viewed on a different device eg PC via Windows, I would not expect a change when viewing the same content on the same iPhone device via the OneDrive app.

Why is this happening?

Background: For those who might wonder why I'm doing this, it is because the content is rarely accessed and I want to free up some iCloud space.

OK, I think I've got a major part of the explanation. My original upload was done without setting Options>"All Photos Data" before sharing.

I have checked with MediaInfo.

When exported with "All Photos Data" set, it seems to have been converted to:

  • AVC instead of using HVC1 codec
  • Has dropped Dolby Vision
  • Has dropped from 10bits to 8bits bit depth

It looks much closer to the original now, however, it still looks a bit lower brightness when opened in OneDrive.

On my Windows machine, it looks much closer to the original also, but I realise I have sacrificed efficiency and some bit depth of the original.

  • What happens if you add that video back to Photos.app? Maybe OneDrive media player does not handle EDR (or something else). Jan 12, 2023 at 7:51
  • 1
    Thanks @MateuszSzlosek. Yes, I have exported back to Photos app and it looks fine now. It is a HDR video, so I can only assume that OneDrive doesn't support HDR and/or HEVC encoded videos to the full extent.
    – Topdown
    Jan 12, 2023 at 8:05

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It seems the problem for this is with OneDrive and Windows (which also loses depth when viewed in native applications).

More info:

Confusingly I feel users such as myself think that the "All Photos Data" option uploads the native original copy (ie the most optimum settings and metadata) whereas in this circumstance it seems to downgrade the content to a lower common denominator (ie a lesser codec that can be viewed by more).

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