I need to charge my Apple iPhone, and I don't have an original Apple charger. I have a cable with one end being a male Apple iPhone connector (which fits OK the female socket on my iPhone) and the other end a standard male USB-A.

Can I use this cable to charge the iPhone from a standard cheap USB charger, e.g., a female socket on my laptop. If yes, should I use a USB 2.0 socket or USB 3.0?

Also I have another cable with a male Apple iPhone connector and a male USB C connector. Can I use it to charge the iPhone from any third-party charger that has a USB-C output? Or my laptop's USB-C socket? That is, won't any of the two devices be damaged -- the iphone or laptop or the USB charger? Also I have a fast-charging charger of my old Huawei phone: It has an USB-A socket I used it with a cable having a male USB-A end (I don't know whether it is 2.0 or 3.0) and a male USB-C end for the Huawei phone. Both the charger and the cable came with the old Huawei phone -- so my guess is that the charger is designed to negotiate the voltage with the phone similarly as USB-C chargers do. Can I use this charger with that USB-A to Apple cable to (fast?) charge my iPhone?

I realize that the best is to go and buy an original Apple charger, but at this time all shops are closed, and I need my iPhone urgently.

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    These things are all standard. If it fits, plug it in. The worst that will happen is that it takes longer to charge. Commented Jan 9, 2023 at 4:30

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Yes. Technically, You can use any USB charger (or port) to charge your iPhone.

  • If your charger supplies less than 1.5A it will charge, but slowly.
  • If it supplies 2.5A it will “quick” charge
  • If you are using a USB-C PD (Power Delivery)charger with at least 18W, you can Fast Charge where you get up to 50% charge in 30 mins

As far as cables, any data cable will do. It must be a USB-A or USB-C (depending on the charger) to lightning or USB-C (depending on your iPhone model). When you get a cable, make sure it is a quality cable with the USB logo.


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