So I have my iPhone working as a Personal Hotspot.

In System Settings > Wi-Fi, it shows in the Personal Hotspot section. I can connect to it with a click.

In its settings (both via Details or through three-dots-in-a-circle menu > Network Settings) it says, Automatically Join This Network.

It even says, Auto-Join in that menu.


So why do I always need to click Join notification when I open my laptop (and sometimes after a minute of waiting, but that's a different story)?

Click to Join

Has someone succeeded in reconnecting to PH automagically?


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The setting you are looking at, "Join Automatically" only applies when the network is visible. The personal hotspot is off by default so it cannot join it automatically.

The only setting available on macOS is "Ask to join hotspots" which presents the notification you have indicated. The hotspot will stay on and available so long as one device is connected to it, then the phone shuts it down to preserve battery and you must re-join using that notification (which enables the hotspot, then joins it.)

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