I have the opposite problem of this one; I have Parallels Desktop 6 installed and while I do have the Applications folder in the dock, I don't have links to any of these applications in Launchpad.

How can I get these application icons in Launchpad? I'm aware that Parallels has the following knowledge base article which says that there is going to be a folder in Launchpad, but that's not what I want. I'm looking for a way to get all the applications icon to be visible in Launchpad, similar to this:

enter image description here

Note: I had Parallels installed on Snow Leopard (before I had Launchpad), and now I am using Lion.


To add an application to Launchpad, you can simply drag it to Launchpad in the Dock.

But be careful — currently there's no way to remove something from Launchpad that you've added.

(And if you have items in a folder in Launchpad, you can easily drag them out and organize them as you wish.)

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