I have an Option-friendly keyboard source used for enabling mnemonics in menus. It is still English language based but is more keyboardist friendly than the default keyboard input source.

I'd actually prefer to either make this other one "usd2" the default. Or short of that to delete the default input source and use this one in its place. Is there any way to do either of those two options?

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The comment by @TomGewecke is a good source Ukelele google group that shows there is likely no way to do this in the half dozen or so recent versions of macOS.

The least intrusive approach is likely then :

  • switch to the custom input source

enter image description here

  • disable Automatically switch to a document's input source in Settings | Keyboard

enter image description here

I don't know yet how often/under what conditions the Input Source will need to be re-selected: I'll update here as we go.

Update This method does NOT work: the Input Source reverts back to the System Default essentially every time. I'm not sure why it did not the first times I tried it - if it had not I would not have made this answer.

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