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Here is a picture of the up arrow screen I mentioned. The app takes up the bottom half of the screen and on the top half there is an arrow pointing up. This happens whenever I swipe up and down without releasing on any app on ios. I am using an iPhone 11. After clicking the arrow the app returns to normal mode so I can't imagine what this is for. After doing some research it seems similar looking to the split screen feature on iPad OS, but I know ios doesn't have a split screen mode so I'm not sure.


Duolingo is completely irrelevant to this question. I just had to use an app to demonstrate the question and chose duolingo as it was the app I was on at the time


It apparently does this on lock screen as well as apps.

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Apparently, this feature is to allow you to reach your entire screen with one hand. Just found an article about it from Apple. It can be turned off in the settings under Settings > Accessibility > Touch.

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