“Photos” virtually used up most of the storage space after I transferred all data to iPhone 13 from an Android device with Move to iOS App.

I stumbled upon this thread iPhone backup takes too much space while my iPhone 13 backup was crazy 460 GB big. It was even larger than I have storage available = 256 GB and it was really confusing because it said the storage only takes 64 GB.

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I found the problem. My photos in reality only take about 31 GB, but due to a transfer of an old phone to this phone, it magically created duplicates worth 8000 pictures = 260 GB wtf Apple 😅

Initially I found this helpful info https://www.ubackup.com/phone-backup/why-is-my-photo-storage-so-high.html and it said in section

Tip 1. Clear Recently Deleted album that Apple stores deleted albums like so

Go to Photos app > Tap Albums at the bottom > Choose Recently Deleted > Tap the Select button at the top > Choose Delete All to remove all photos or you may choose to delete selected photos.

With this I noticed another section Duplicates 8000 and clicked on it. Then I joined all duplicates and additionally you need to go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Photos -> Delete deleted Photos and boooom you get rid of 400 GB.

I really hope this helps you save some time and free up A LOT of your phones space.

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