For all the CleanShot X fans, do you know if they can also resize an image?

Screenshot of CleanShot X

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Unfortunately, not at the moment. It’s one of the features I most wish it had as I almost always have to resize a screenshot after capture.

I rely on Retrobatch, which is excellent for fast resizing of one or more images. Highly recommended.

  • Every time I go to the Crop tool hoping it's a combo Crop/Scale tool, I get sad. 😢 If only the Zoom In/Out allowed you to specify an exact %, one could zoom the image to the scale factor they want and screenshot the image again ... but, no, can't do that either. 😢
    – dossy
    Commented Apr 4 at 13:39
  • Regarding the Zoom In/Out, I suppose you can resize the window (canvas) to the size you want and then use "Fit Canvas" zoom to get the exact size you want, as CleanShot X will at least maintain aspect ratio, but that wasn't immediately obvious when I first tried, so mentioning it here in case it helps someone else.
    – dossy
    Commented Apr 4 at 13:41

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