What is "Low Data Mode" on macOS Ventura WLAN exactly? I found only a description for the feature in iOS.

Does it only limit traffic for Apple Apps? Or also 3rd party Open Source Apps?

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The feature is available to all developers - also third party developers and developers of Open Source apps.

When the developer makes a program on macOS, and ask the operating system to create a network connection, they can specify whether or not that connection should be made when Low Data Mode is enabled.

However, Low Data Mode is a new feature in macOS Ventura, so the number of third party programs that support this feature right now is quite low. In time that will probably change.


Full description for iPhone and iPad here

Retrieved 2023-01-18

Use Low Data Mode on your iPhone and iPad

What to expect in Low Data Mode

Different apps use different ways of reducing data usage in Low Data Mode. In general, here's what you can expect:

  • Apps might stop using network data when you're not actively using them.
  • Background App Refresh is turned off.
  • The quality of streaming content might be reduced.
  • Automatic downloads and backups are turned off.
  • Services such as iCloud Photos pause updates.

Built-in iOS apps and services adapt to Low Data Mode in the following ways:

  • App Store: Video autoplay, automatic updates, and automatic downloads are turned off.
  • Music: Automatic downloads and high quality streaming are turned off.
  • Podcasts: The frequency of feed updates is limited, and episodes are downloaded only on Wi-Fi.
  • News: Article prefetching is turned off.
  • iCloud: Updates are paused, and automatic backups and iCloud Photos updates are turned off.
  • FaceTime: Video bitrate is optimized for lower bandwidth.

It has been documented for macOS Ventura 13:

Change Wi-Fi settings on Mac

Details button settings

Option Description
Low data mode Turn on low data mode to help reduce your data usage over the Wi-Fi network.


How to get to the setting

Since macOS Ventura 13 launched in October 24, 2022 it is available under

  • Apple menu > System Settings > Wi-Fi in the sidebar, or
  • Menu Bar > Wi-Fi status icon / / > Wi-Fi Settings...

Then for the active connection at the top

  • Details... > Low data mode
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