In the root folder of the sysdiagnose logs analytic data there is a specific file named "microstackshots". Have someone tried to investigate its content? I could not find a way to execute/read it. If I extract it the result is a microstackshot.out file which seems to be executable on Apple OS.

Here a description of what it is about.

Thank you so much for your help!

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According to man spindump you should be able to do something like spindump -i microstackshots.out. I also had to provide -microstackshots as an argument. Here is the manpage excerpt:

-i path Read in the file located at path rather than sampling the live system. Supported file formats are:

    * Spindump text files containing a spindump binary format
    * Spindump text files without a spindump binaty format written in timeline mode (with limited options, and only callstacks will be updated; summary information will not change)
    * Tailspin files
    * Concatenated kcdata stackshots
    * Concatenated microstackshots

I did the following to extract the file and get some analysis:

mv microstackshots microstackshots.gz
gunzip microstackshots.gz
spindump -microstackshots -i ./microstackshots
spindump -microstackshots_io -i ./microstackshots

The manpage has info about which -microstackshots arguments you can provide and what each one outputs.

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  • Thank you for the help. I was inspecting the spindump command on macOS and it contains, as you said, the -i and -microstackshots arguments. I am not able to use them though, since my microstackshots file (which you can find in a sysdiagnose extraction from iOS devices) is in binary format and those arguments allows you to take shots of the current host machine, not an external file. I was looking for some way to be readable. Did I well explained the issue?
    – toniosol
    Jan 16, 2023 at 15:39
  • I updated the answer to show how I extracted and used the file with spindump. Jan 17, 2023 at 17:11

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