"Google Drive for desktop" has two different sync options:

(1) "Folders from Drive": This isn't actually an option, since you have no option to turn it off. It has two modes, though. One mode is called "Stream files" and one mode is called "Mirror files". Neither of these are the feature that I want to ask about, however. I understand how to use them.

(2) "Folders from your computer:" With this option, you can select an arbitrary number of specific folders located anywhere on your computer that you'd like synced to Google Drive.

My question is about feature #2 above. It works great. Except that I can find no way to make this feature sync the same folder across two or more computers. The files that are synced using this feature end up in Google Drive (as seen via the web interface), not under "My Drive", but rather under "Computers". And there is one folder under "Computers" for each computer that you use with Google Drive for desktop.

There seems to be no way to tell Google Drive that I'd like, for instance, ~/'My Folder' on "My Desktop Mac" to be considered to be the same folder as ~/'My Folder' under "My MacBook".

Am I missing something? I really would like to make this work, and it seems as if it would be easy for Google to implement.


P.S. Yes, I understand that I can do something like make a symlink on both "My Desktop Mac" and "My Macbook" that links to ~/Library/CloudStorage/GoogleDrive-my-email-address@gmail.com/'My Drive'/'My Folder', but for various reasons, I'd prefer not to have to do it that way.

P.P.S. This is how things work on the latest version of Monterey using the latest version of *Google Drive for desktop". Specific details may differ a bit with older versions Mac OS.


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