I removed Citrix with launchctl but the files are all back after I restart. How do I remove them for good? (Regular uninstall did not work.)

Here is what I did:

launchctl list | grep citrix
launchctl remove com.citrix.ServiceRecords 
launchctl remove com.citrix.AuthManager_Mac
launchctl remove com.citrix.ReceiverHelper 
launchctl remove com.citrix.safariadapter  

When I restart, Citrix tries to start again and when I do a list, they are all back.


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Things to try:

  • Is the service restarting on your user, or does it also reappear if you login with another user, e.g., the guest?

  • Have you tried ensuring that the service is not listed in /var/db/com.apple.xpc.launchd/ ? If it is listen in a loginitemXXX.plist file, that is the problem.

  • Otherwise, there must be another service which reinstated the ones you try to remove. So you still need to remove something else to clean it up completely.

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