I'm trying to run a 3rd-party application with Python. I understand that Monterey has done away with the system-installed Python 2.7, however, this application was released before Monterey. When I try to run it, I get:

python: posix_spawn:
No such file or directory 

The programming for the application is looking for the framework file in /System/Library/Frameworks. However, since Monterey got rid of the system installed Python, Python.framework does not exist in System/Library/Framework. I had to download it on my own, and because of that the framework file only appears in Library/Frameworks.

How can I change the path that Terminal runs when trying to access the Python framework through a pre-existing Python application?

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It isn't Terminal.app that's specifying the path. It's the application.

The application calls the system function posix_spawn(), to which it is passing the pathname of the application to launch.

Even installing Python 2.x yourself, whether MacPorts or Homebrew or a downloadable installer from python.org, will most likely not work. Those systems can't install things into /System.

You should look for a more up-to-date version of this app.

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