During development / writing docs, I often find myself working on side-by-side apps on macOS.

  • Since I use an ultra-wide external monitor, it is tedious to drag the pointer a significant distance all the way from one app to another for toggling focus between them.
  • This feels especially tiresome and wasteful when one of those apps is an editor or IDE where I merely have to type -> something that can otherwise be accomplished purely via keyboard and doesn't require pointer input at all.

Is there a way to configure keyboard shortcut in macOS to help toggle focus between the side-by-side apps?

I'm on MacOS Monterey v12.6 (21G115) enter image description here

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  • While I couldn't find an exact solution, as per this thread on discussions.apple.com, Move focus to active or next window shortcut can be used here as a close-enough alternative
    • it can be configured by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard (on left pane) > Move focus to active or next window (5th item on list) enter image description here
  • The catch is that technically this shortcut toggles b/w last 2 used apps, so you'll have to manually click on your side-by-side apps one-by-one to make them so; otherwise it'll end up moving you across different (non side-by-side) apps

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