I'm running iOS 16.0.3 and have created a simple Siri Shortcut automation to switch my phone to airplane mode when it connects to my home WiFi (and another to disable airplane mode when leaving the area - but that's another story).

The problem, however, is that these shortcuts don't actual dis/enable airplane mode. The shortcut clearly runs, I see the notification, but nothing happens.

I have other shortcuts which run when detecting that airplane mode is enabled (to go into Dark Mode, for example) but actually de/activating airplane mode appears to be broken.

I have tested by disabling all my automations and only using one automation which turns on airplane more - and again with one which turns off cell data. Neither of these appear to work.

It is as if antenna automations are broken.

Does anyone have a workaround until Apple fixes this or am I mistaken/taking the wrong approach?

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Looks like my phone either needed a new battery or a good hard reboot, but this issue is now fixed.

I've posted another question related to running the automation without user interaction.

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