I'm trying to perform an amateur experiment related with sound waves. Let's say I have a file on my iCloud Drive, let's call it wave1.wav. I want to play it on my Mac/iPhone, but with a slider or another way of controlling the playback delay at the level of single milliseconds.

Does such app exist? It can be a feature of some commercial music mixing software, as long as it's cheap (< 20 USD) or has a free trial.

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On macOS you could use VLC Media Player (free software).

It has keyboard shortcuts ('j' and 'k') for decreasing/increasing audio delay in steps of 50 ms. In the Advanced Settings, you can set it as a numeric value giving you more precision over the actual delay.

  • Thanks! I knew about the 50ms option, but I had no idea it’s configurable. I’ll check it out.
    – cubuspl42
    Oct 7, 2022 at 21:52

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