I am using a Macbook Air M2 with macOS Monterey. I am trying to get the keyboard bindings to better/more mimic Windows 10.

The laptop keyboard is like this:

{fn/globe} {control} {option} {command}

I have swapped modifier keys from System Preferences.

enter image description here

With the above change, the keyboard buttons are like this:

{command} {fn/globe} {control} {option}

This gets me most of the way there. What is left is being able to switch tabs in Edge/Chrome. The default is control + tab but I want it to be {command} tab.

I can't set an application specific keyboard shortcut using {command} tab because it is used by the macOS application switcher (which I don't use/need).

So I say https://ke-complex-modifications.pqrs.org/#swap-command-tab-with-control-tab for Karabiner but it does not seem to be working.

There must be a way to override the behavior so I can get [the left most button] + tab to switch browser tabs.

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You can use Bettertouchtool.

enter image description here

enter image description here

This will overwrite the default macOS app switcher key shortcut, and you can use the command+tab shortcut for whatever you want in the case I use it for Select Next Tab in the browser.

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