I've created a shortcut on my iPhone & added it as a Widget that will let me add quick ideas to a specific Notes folder.

In & of itself, that works fine. BUT, in order for me to access those notes on my Mac, i have to first open/launch the iPhone Notes.app in order for the sync to occur (yes, i have "background app refresh" turned on for Notes).

Is there a way to have those sync withOUT me having to launch the iPhone Notes app???

see attached screenshot of my iOS Shortcut settings.

fyi: using an iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 15.7 & MacBook Pro M1 Max macOS 12.6


i followed some advice on the Apple Community support forums to turn OFF iCloud Notes, then restart, then turn it back ON. after doing that, the shortcut is not working at all now.

before, it would present me with the input box & when done typing it would save. it just would not sync to the Mac without first opening the iPhone Notes.app. NOW, when i hit the done button, i get a red message saying "An unknown error occurred"!

honestly, this Shortcut app is very confusing to me. i pieced what i have together after looking at a lot of suggestions from other people on various sites. so yes, i'm asking for help on how to configure this so it works & syncs in the background so i can have it in the Notes.app on my Mac withOUT having to first launch the Notes.app on my iPhone.

thanks for any assistance.

iOS Shortcut before update

iOS Shortcut after update


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