Is there any way to control my built-in MacBook Pro Speakers with the keyboard sound controls (F10, F11, F12) while using an alternate device for sound output? I am using HDMI/DisplayPort speakers for sound output while using my built-in MacBook Pro Speakers specifically for Zoom (you can specify the output speakers in Zoom's preferences) and would like to adjust the built-in speaker's volume with the keyboard.

I've played around with eqMac and have looked at alternates like SoundFlower but haven't found a solution.

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You might want to look into MonitorControl. It allows you to control both brightness and volume of connected external monitors and your MacBook's own facilities.

  • Oh that's an application I hadn't seen before, thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to support the specific feature I'm looking for but has a lot of other great audio/keyboard features for multi-monitor setups
    – Chandler
    Commented Sep 25, 2022 at 16:24

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