I would like to know if I can accept a call without me or any person hitting the accept button?
It can happen immediately after receiving the call or after any number of rings, but automatic it should be.

  • I don't believe this is possible
    – afragen
    Mar 20, 2012 at 22:23

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There is an app called AutoAnswer, but it only works on jailbroken phones. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find an article on it here:


  • Thanks for the answer AJ, but I am looking for an Apple approved app.
    – Alexander
    Mar 20, 2012 at 22:31
  • Understood. It is possible, but based on my searching only if you have a jailbroken phone. Perhaps they'll add this feature to iOS at some point in the future.
    – AJ.
    Mar 20, 2012 at 22:40

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