I ran scutil --dns, and part of it's output:

DNS configuration (for scoped queries)

resolver #1
  search domain[0] : broadband
  nameserver[0] :
  if_index : 15 (en0)
  flags    : Scoped, Request A records
  reach    : 0x00020002 (Reachable,Directly Reachable Address)

What is the "broadband" search domain? I haven't found much about it. dig broadband or nslookup broadband doesn't find any results. The nameserver associated with broadband is the router IP address

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    It may be a name assigned by your router to accompany the DNS addresses sent from the DHCP request. For instance mine reads home alongside both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers (both my local router). It will match what you see in System Preferences | Network | <the connected device eg WiFi> | Advanced | DNS | Search Domains. I've just checked in my router (BT-HomeHub) and there's nowhere I can find to view or indeed modify it. Probably not a bad thing ;-) Sep 18 at 16:06


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