How can I get export the call log (incoming and outgoing calls) from my iPhone, preferably as a CSV file?

I found

but none is free and/or open source and none offers a command line interface to automate the process.


How about iPhone Call List? (You can download a free copy in the link)

I haven't tried it myself yet (I'll as soon as I get home), but it seems the app you're looking for!

iPhone call list to Mac Transfer fully support latest iOS 4.2, iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPod touch FW 3.1.3, iPod nano 5G FW 1.0 and iTunes 10.1.

  • It suits a one time need. I clarified my question that I really want something with a command line interface. I was hoping that somebody wrote a script or something. – oschrenk Mar 20 '12 at 17:40

Syncios works great for me, and it's free. https://www.syncios.com/

Connect your device, select Information -> Call History -> Save.

It saves as a CSV, which I then open and manipulate with xl macros.

  • Unfortunately, the Syncios application (version 7.0.1 - current as of today) states: "Sorry, Syncios doesn't support loading iOS 13 call history." Doh! – Deejinoz Apr 7 '20 at 2:48

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