When using the Apple App Store app on my Mac, I cannot locate these two apps. Yet I can identify each app by their web page.

  • Gmail - Email by Google
    Google LLC
  • Proton Mail - Encrypted Email
    Proton AG

My filters set in the App Store app are: Price - Any, Category - Any, and Sort By - Relevance.

Here is a screenshot of the Apple web page showing the app exists, and showing the App Store app failing to find that very same app.

enter image description here

My goal is to download the iPadOS app to run on my MacBook Air with M1 chip. I have done just that with another iPad app. Yet with these two email apps I cannot find them in the App Store so I cannot download them to run.

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Developers of apps can, and have opted out in this case of making their iPad/iPhone apps available for macOS. See: https://developer.apple.com/macos/iphone-and-ipad-apps/

You can see, for example, WolframAlpha Classic is marked available on. ARM Macs, iPad, iPhone, and iPod platforms.

Screenshot of App Store page for WolframAlpha App

However, Protonmail has been made unavailable on Mac platforms by its developers. The same is with the Gmail app.

Screenshot of App Store page for Protonmail App

There used to be a method to install custom apps on macOS, however, Apple has disabled this "feature" as of Big Sur 11.1. https://www.macrumors.com/2021/01/15/m1-macs-sideloading-ios-apps-no-longer-possible/

See also the last paragraph of this page, iPhone and iPad Apps, Now on Mac!, at Apple.com:

Most iPhone and iPad apps are compatible with a Mac with M1, but some may not be available because they require capabilities unique to iPhone or iPad. A developer may also choose to make their app unavailable on Mac.

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