Pertaining to iOS Files app:

I don’t want to have to long-click, share, wait for pop up of apps, then select the same text edit app every time, to open data files. Is there a setting or something I can manipulate so that data files automatically open in a text editor format or app? (I don’t want to jailbreak my phone)

I end up using a file editor app to browse and click, instead of the default Files app, but then am annoyed when I click on a photo or video and it opens up the data information for that file instead of just showing me the picture.

  • Not sure if that is possible unfortunately. The best alternative could be to launch the text editor first and open the file you need through the text editor. Some text editors utilize the iOS Files app itself and help a user quickly and easily locate any file and then open it with a single tap it if it is a file type the editor can deal with.
    – Alper
    Sep 8 at 2:11


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