I forward my university email address to my GMail account, so I don’t have my university IMAP set up as an account on my iPad (and I don’t want to, because then I’d receive those mails twice). Still, I want to send email using that address, via my university’s SMTP server.

  • Is there any way to add another sender address to an account and assign it a different SMTP server than the account’s default SMTP in the iPad’s email client?
  • If not, can you recommend another email client for the iPad that has this capability?
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    This is still actual in 2018, there's no (obvious) way to bind a sender to a specific SMTP setting.
    – anddam
    Jul 18, 2018 at 8:17

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Configuring additional outgoing mail servers

from the Apple support websites has detail instructions:

  1. Go to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  2. Tap the Mail account for which you would like to change the settings.

    If your account is configured to sync Notes or other items, you may need to tap Account Info on the following screen as well.

  3. On the Account Info screen, locate the Outgoing Mail Server section and tap the existing SMTP entry.

  4. A list of SMTP servers will appear, with the Primary Server and then Other SMTP Servers. Go to Other SMTP servers → Add Server....

    enter image description here

  5. Enter the additional SMTP server information. Host Name is required.

  6. Tap Save.

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    Yes, but that page does not explain how to assign the server to an address. It sounds more like “if the default SMTP is down/unreachable, it will try to use the other one instead”. What I want is to always use it for mails I send from one specific address (and always use the default server for the primary address).
    – Lukas
    Mar 20, 2012 at 12:04
  • Whenever you compose a new mail, you may choose from which server/address to send it from by tapping on "From:".
    – gentmatt
    Mar 20, 2012 at 12:17
  • That popup menu only shows addresses for me, not servers.
    – Lukas
    Mar 20, 2012 at 12:59
  • @Lukas Each email address is bound to a server in the Mail app.
    – gentmatt
    Mar 20, 2012 at 13:01
  • And how does that binding work? I can add new email addresses (by entering them comma-separated into the account’s Email field) and new SMTP servers (via the method you described) independently from each other. Also, if I send an email from my university address with the university’s SMTP server set up via that method, it still uses GMail’s SMTP server (according to the mail headers).
    – Lukas
    Mar 20, 2012 at 13:36

Came accross this question and found a way to use a second sender address with a different SMTP server.

  1. Configure a second SMTP server for your current mail account as already described here by gentmatt
  2. Go to the primary SMTP server and un-check the "Server" option, afterwards it should look like this:

SMTP server configuration

And now add the email address that should be used for the second SMTP server:

  1. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts and select your mail account and tap Account
  2. Tap the EMail field under IMAP ACCOUNT INFORMATION
  3. Add your second mail address with Add Another Email...

With this configuration, when composing a new mail, per default the primary email address is pre-selected and will use its primary SMTP server. And when selecting the second sender address in the mail compose form, the secondary mail address with the secondary SMTP will be used.

When replying to a mail, the Mail app automatically picks the mail address the mail was sent to as sender address.

Hopefully this helps.


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