Does anyone else suffer from a problem where Files.app on an iPhone will not download files from iCloud Drive, instead just showing endless "spinners" (see below) that display "Waiting" and never complete?

I have an app (Obsidian) that (can) keep it's data on iCloud, and I have about 2,000 small -3kb files in its folder. No issue at all syncing or opening those files on multiple Macs running 12.5, but an iPhone (512GB iPhoneXS running 15.6.1) just refuses to quiesce. I have a paid iCloud subscription (50GB plan with about 15GB free at the time of this writing)

I've done hard resets, soft resets, deleting all data from the phone, toggling on/off iCloud Drive, signing out and back in, deleting & reinstalling the Files.app. None of it solved the problem. There is no log file that I am aware of to see what might be happening.

Is iCloud just useless for storing files once you have more than a few dozen?



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